Coila Matton


During years of marriage, motherhood and professional life (as a doctor and psychiatrist serving the community) I was kept pretty busy and content just recreating Old Masters and painting models. Coila MattonToward the end of the 90´s living alone on the plain outside Varnhem I slowly developed my own contemporary style. My world is 3-dimensional and alive. Not flat, not minimalistic. My models are subjects not objects. My Gestalts actively confront the viewer with their gaze. I stuggle between the use of depth, perspective, form, colour, light and space on the one hand- and the urge to simplify so as to communicate more easiy on the other. 2014-2015 ( now newly retired, a happy grandmother with a studio and a garden) brings a change towards movement and transparency and lighthearted experimenting with acrylics and mixed media.